We created these spots via the team at SDWM, and the iconic Drumstick cone silhouette was utilised to bring these new ice creams to life.

The goal from SDWM was to create a fascination with what this new vegan indulgence would taste like. So each flavour was crafted to have a distinct personality with its own unique appeal.

DRU005 DrumstickVegan Raspberry Square Brand.2020 02 18 13 00 12
DRU005 DrumstickVegan Affagato Square Brand.2020 02 18 11 50 12

We wanted to create alluring visions, that present real ingredients in their most delicious forms arranged in a way that will tempt our audience! The key consideration here was to avoid resorting to the usual advertising cliches of “flavour dynamics” and instead crafting something that is closer to a sculptural form.

Client: Drumstick
Creative Agency: SDWM
Packaging Design: Key Branding
3D Animation: Studio Pancho